Wow!  It’s been a while since I have posted here!  If you want to see our most current content, please “like” us on our Facebook page by clicking HERE.  I know so many of you hate this wintery weather we have had in the lower mainland this year, but I just LOVE the fluffy white stuff.

I haven’t updated over here, but I have signed a book deal with Amherst Media for a book to teach photographers how to work with dogs!   Lots of writing to do means I have enjoyed my cozy days by the fire while the snow falls working on my book.  I took advantage of the last big snowfall to get our own furbabies out in it and get some photos of them!  Moose (the American Bulldog) is our newest addition and joined our family December 16th and Penny (the English Bulldog) just celebrated her 5th birthday with us!  I love these two snow dogs (okay okay, Penny hates the stuff, but Moose is with me on the fun and snow play haha!).

While I’ve been doing all this writing on my book, I realized it was time to keep up with these blogs more, so I made myself a strict schedule to share once a week at least (feel free to hold me to that if you are following!).

I hear there is more snow forecast for next week so batten down the hatches people and whether you love it or hate it, get lots of hot cocoa, marshmallows and blankies and make the most of it since it will be here either way.


English Bulldog in the SnowAmerican Bulldog Puppy


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