Miss Farley shares the same birthday as our Moose!  We did this session when she first came home and it’s already nearly time for her 6 month session.  She is one of the first puppies to go through our Watch Me Grow Plan where we do sessions in the white chair when they come home, again at 6 months and again at 1 year.  She’s half Great Dane so we are going to have to get really creative for her 1 year session when she probably won’t fit all 4 paws in there anymore haha!  What a beautiful puppy she is!

Great Dane Puppy PhotographyGreat Dane Maremma Puppy PhotographyGreat Dane Puppy Photography


Any of you who know me know that I am so very partial to bulldogs.  Doc came into see me and seriously who could deny he is just the cutest thing ever!?  He already knew how to sit and stayed in place pretty well too!  It’s days like these I sit back and marvel at how lucky I am to be able to follow my passion and work as a pet photographer…thanks to all of you!  Thank you for coming in to see me and i hope I see you guys again as he grows.  He’ll be a big guy before we know it!!


Pet photography wall art

English Bulldog puppy photography session bathtubEnglish bulldog puppy photography sessionEnglish bulldog puppy photography sessionEnglish bulldog photography session


I couldn’t resist coming up with something for our own home with our kiddos.  I really like the images I captured of them during one of our (MANY) snow days this year.  I decided on displaying these together this way on acrylic and then I plan to take them out in spring, summer and fall for more photo sessions and can change out the display with the seasons!  Wall art is way too much fun!



I have been playing around learning more about my wall art program and LOVE this set!  I may have to order something like this as a sample for my studio soon!  These sweetheart’s mom didn’t think we’d be able to manage a photo of all 3 dogs at once, but I was happy to capture more than one of the whole Pug Gang for her!  It wasn’t “easy” but we got the job done.  It’s always a good day when I can surprise a client with an image they didn’t expect to catch

wall art


I photographed this old guy and his feline sister in the summer, but then life got busy and he got sicker so we didn’t have a chance to do our in person consultation until last week.  Sadly, this beautiful Doberman man has crossed the rainbow bridge.  I am so sad for his family but also very glad that we had a chance to take these portraits before he was too ill.

I know with our Roxie we have her portraits hanging around the house and it’s a great comfort to still see her face every day.  Another reason I fully believe in the importance of getting those images off that USB and up on your walls or in an album.  Having to turn on a computer and load up files to see photos of those you have loved (and possibly lost) means you see them less.  It makes me so happy to see my girl every day on our walls and I hope his owners feel the same once we install their wall arrangement and deliver their album!

Wall Gallery