I was so excited today to meet up with Ginger and her mom at their house and create some wall art to get those images off that USB and up on those walls!  We came up with this trio of 30″X30″ acrylic prints (shown here), a 50″X75″ wall cling in the bedroom and a 24″X40″ wall collage on acrylic for the bottom of the stairs

I am going to be adding in person post session consults free of charge to all sessions going forward.  Having access to my nearly 10 years of experience will help you all get those images off that USB and up on your walls (or in albums if that’s your preference) and PRINTED!  This is a time in history where our children (furbabies included) are the MOST photographed of ANY time in the history of the EARTH and yet they will have the least physical prints than ever before!  Let’s work together to fix that and work together to find something that works for your budget, your spaces and create real art that you will cherish forever!

Thank you for having me over Ginger (and Ginger’s mommy)!  I had a great time with you…glad to see that sniffer is working overtime still Ginger (she found a little speck of a dog treat that was floating around the bottom of my bag and wouldn’t settle down until we uncovered it and gave it to her hahaha)!

Hallway Wall Art


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