Our Pets

Roxie Hart Wells (RIP): white dog on the right

TLL_1870Photo courtesy of Trina Lianne Photography

Roxie came into our lives in 2004.  She is an American Bulldog and also the single most amazing dog we have ever known.  She is so gentle it is unreal and she has really never done a “bad” thing in her life (even as a puppy)!  She has been with us since we were just dating, she was in our wedding party when we got married along with her sister, Dixie the Beagle (RIP).  Our first child was born in 2008 and our most recent human addition to the family was born in February of this year!  We find it so hard watching Roxie get old as her signs of age start to show, and it’s made me realize just how important these photos are and what they can mean to a family who wants to remember a pet they love the way we love our Roxie girl.

Update: July 26, 2016 we had to say goodbye to our dear Roxie Hart and send her across the Rainbow Bridge.  We miss her terribly and always will think of her every single day


Penny Lane Wells

Penny Lane Dog Shaming websize

Penny joined the family in 2012.  She is a (not so little) ball of goofy.  We have nicknamed her “catdog” because despite her being 50lbs she climbs onto the back of the couch and curls her body around your neck.  Our couches are trashed but our hearts are full thanks to her.  Penny is also a little famous from that time she ate a hole through our wall and I sent the photo into Dog Shaming.  She was featured on there as well as the Chive and a few other blog sites.  Needless to say she’s been more of a challenge than Roxie, but we love her butterball guts just the same.



American Bulldog Puppy

After we said goodbye to our dear Roxie we were all heartbroken.  Penny was spending all day just sleeping on the couch and being generally depressed, our girls were acting out because they were sad and I was scrolling through Petfinder for hours/day looking for the right match.  We made a couple of attempts with rescue dogs that unfortunately did not work out (they did not like Penny and were quite aggressive towards her).  That coupled with the young kids and guinea pigs we keep meant we decided for now we are better suited to finding a great breeder and starting again from puppy.  We were so lucky to come across Melissa (Sprenkels American Bulldogs)  She didn’t even have a pregnant female yet, but we loved her breeding philosophy so much we put a deposit down and were happy to wait as long as it would take.  Luckily for us her favourite female got pregnant right away after that and October 23rd Moose was born.  We met him at 4 weeks and were thinking we wanted another dog in the litter.  As soon as I held him however I knew.  He had the same spirit and made my heart flip the same way Roxie did when we met her at that age.  He came home December 16th, 2016 and our house has been busy for sure, but much happier since he did.


Pets Gus websize

Gus-Gus is our hamster who joined the gang in 2013.  He’s a really good hamster (I define that as one that doesn’t bite and likes to cuddle haha)!  His mom is our daughter, Ella so I suppose we are grandparents.

Update: We said goodbye to Gus-Gus the summer of 2016 at 3.5 years old.  RIP buddy! xo


High Tea

Dobby joined us a few days after Gus-Gus passed away as a rescue.  Unfortunately we don’t know how old he was and he passed away 2 months later.

SAFETY PSA:  This was created using photoshop and the hamster was only ever in one mug sitting on the floor.  Please do not try this unless you know how to do it safely!


Guinea Pigs

Honey and Oprah came to us in January 2014 as babies and we have had SO much fun learning about them and interacting with them.  They are also Ella’s pets so really we have 3 furry grand babies.  We had no idea they squeal like pigs when they hear you coming (it’s called wheeking) and they let out a funny purring sound when we tickle them on the back.

Update: Honey also passed on in the summer of 2016 (it was a rough summer for us).  She had an abdominal mass and although we tried surgery, she didn’t make it.

After Honey passed, Oprah was very lonely so we added Gayle.  Once Gayle was added, I went guinea pig crazy and added another pair to our brood, Snowflake & Poppy.  I need to get an updated photo of all 4 of these kiddos and I’ll update once I get it!