Winter is coming and you all asked for it, so I decided to make it happen.  Since I won’t be attending the Hugabull Open House this year as usual for Christmas photos, I decided to host some pet mini sessions at my home studio in Port Moody for those of you who still want to have your pet portraits taken for holiday cards and sharing.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Hugabull to help aid in their rescue and rehabilitation efforts.

Because I am offering these sessions in my studio, I am able to offer up to 3 backgrounds and more images than usual as well!  There are 2 collections to choose from you so you can select the session that will best suit your needs.

*Sessions are intended for pets only and do not include human companions.  If you would like to be in the photos with your pet, there is a $25 fee to add in a family image.

Please email us at to secure your spot!


2017 Holiday Mini Promo Sit Stay Studio


I had a session the other week with our AMAZING veterinarian, Dr. Claudia Richter.  She is furthering her education and working on a very exciting new project.  I will reveal the details as soon as she gives me the green light, but it’s something I’m very excited about and something I think she’ll be very good at!  We got together in my studio to capture some images of her and her pets in preparation of her launch and it was one of my favourite sessions of all time I think.  Her gang of furbabies is the sweetest trio of rescue pets you’ll ever meet (I’m sure in no small part due to their owner).

I am so very grateful to call this wonderful woman a friend as well as our vet and I can’t wait to see her new ideas come to fruition!

attachment (1)Cat pet photography in studioDog Pet Photograpy In StudioDog Pet Photograpy In StudioDog Pet Photograpy In StudioCat pet photography in studio


I just placed my order for these prints to go on the walls at Bravo Dog Training and Behaviour Consulting!  I’m so excited to see these go up and we are working on a special way to fill those two spots that aren’t filled yet so stay tuned and we will release details soon!

Wall Art Gallery Dog Photographer

We have been taking Moose for training her since he came home and he has learned SO much so fast with Renee using her positive training methods and socialization advice.  It has been a long time since I’ve trained a puppy and her guidance and newer methods have made it pretty easy!  I can’t say enough good things about our experience here, Bravo Dog is the BEST!



I’ve been trying out all kinds of new pet products and businesses to share the things I find worth it with you all.  This month I got my first BarkBox in the mail for Moose and Penny.  I wasn’t so sure on this one if I’d like the products in it or not, but we were pleasantly surprised!  Our dogs are both around the same size so we are lucky they can share.

For the price of the box, we already were spending that on treats and toys to keep Moose busy since he’s so young.

After I made the unboxing video, I gave Moose the rubber bamboo stick toy and the black ninja star one filled with some kibble and the other with some peanut butter and he was happy as a puppy with a BarkBox for 45 minutes while I tidied up and got some work done!  Then he climbed up on the couch and slept for 4 hours straight.  For those of you with a 5 month old puppy, you’ll understand this was magic and worth every penny for me haha!

Penny got the bella blossom toy with some of her hypoallergenic food in it.  It was her last day before her stitches were removed of resting in my office and she was so happy to have a puzzle to work out.

If you think your dog or dogs might enjoy this you can  CLICK HERE! to get your first box for FREE!  Video below and please excuse my iPhone photos, but below the video is our snapshots of the aftermath haha!



Moose loves this Rubber Bamboo toy best!

American Bulldog Barkbox

This is what a BarkBox coma looks like hahaha!

American Bulldog Barkbox

Penny hardly ever has interest in toys, but this one she was excited about!

Bulldog BarkBox

Annnnd Penny Lane was down for the count too in her own BarkBox coma.  SUCCESS!  I can’t wait for next month’s!!

Bulldog BarkBox


Check out the latest wall art gallery I was creating!  I am in the process of archiving my sessions from 2016 and I have been practicing creating with the various wall art options in the program I have to create wall samples.  This little pug had his fall photography session this past fall and I just fell in love.  His mom and dad are pretty smitten with him too I think haha!  He is such a sweet little man and was so very well behaved for his session.  Thank you for coming to see me!

Dog Photography Wall Art Gallery